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Server Updates

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Hey guys :D,
So we've got a BF3 server again.

It's through Branzone & back on Procon cause well it's just simple & easy to setup & forget about.
All are set for 3 rounds & obviously the server is votemap.

Council members will be able to see a list of commands they can use in-game in a separate thread located within the council forum.

Maps are:
- Noshahr Canals - TDM
- Kharg Island - TDM
- Operation Metro - TDM
- Teheran Highway - TDM

Server Rules are
- No Hackusating


Donations will be used for the BF3 server costs

BF3 Server Cost: 32$ USD / month
Procon: 3$ USD / month
Total: 35$ USD / month