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About Us

Who are we?

Defective Killers is what could be considered a "new" clan however we are not exactly a new clan. We started our own clan (Defective Killers) after we had been in many clans over the years and things not working out.

We strive to build a multi-national gaming clan where we can have fun, loyalty & above all make sure that we deal with all drama immediately. We do not tolerate drama, That is what sets us apart from other clans & communities.


Originally Lifeliner, Hickman & myself (Beware) we're part of iMClan.net back in Battlefield Play4Free days, After all the descrepencies and such over the years, Battlefield Play4Free shutting down & iM subsequently shutting down it's website we moved on.

I moved from iM over to ADKGamers where myself (Beware) became a game admin, I enjoyed my time there & i met some really cool people however again, There was a lot of drama involved and it was more of a job than a passtime. One of the members i had met at ADK i tried to help out because Punkbuster wrongly banned him (we know this to be truth) and ADK allowed him to stay, In the end he also left ADK.

From ADK we then went and spent our time playing with people in another clan's teamspeak but after a month or two there was a lot of Drama there as well, Eventually resulting in the closure of that teamspeak.

That's when i decided i was going to start my own clan, With the amazing people i have met over the years. We now have our own Teamspeak, our own values & we have no plans on going anywhere.