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Ironsight: Open Beta!

Western control over the Middle East's natural resources sparked conflict, leading to strong opposition from Russia and China. To contest this dominance, Russia set up a transnational corporation called the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) and hired Private Military Companies to protect their investments in the area. Pressured, western governments hired their own PMCs, ultimately worsening the geopolitical scene.

In 2023, a volcanic eruption caused a Megatsunami which swept up the Atlantic coast and annihilated numerous nuclear power plants. The radioactive spills were devastating. With the western control in the Middle East weakened, EDEN seized the opportunity to capture the capitals and monopolize the region’s resources. Unable to compete alone, the USA and Europe established the North Atlantic Federation, or NAF.

By 2025, NAF and EDEN have entered an all-out war to secure control over the Middle East and the resources it holds. The conflict has spread around the globe and it is up to you, PMC mercenaries, to pick a side and fight with your team to secure victory.
Sounds like a great game :D & Hopefully it will be a game that we can all enjoy at some point and / or help introduce some new members into the community.
Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Let's do our best at enjoying the games we do have, Possibly try out this new ironsight game while it's in open beta & enjoy!

I know I've played a few rounds in it so far & it's not too bad. It's a pretty solid game from what i can tell, It's definitely not graphically amazing but it's free to play. Free to play games are great for communities like ours.

For those lurking around, checking us out feel free to join us in Teamspeak & file an application to join!
We don't require anyone to join, We're here to hangout, Play games & enjoy ourselves. So hopefully that will be enough for you to decide to join us in time :)


Grab Ironsight from https://ironsight.aeriagames.com/