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Welcome to the new =DK= Website!

Welcome back!,

I have finally gotten around to having some time to redo the website. I had already redone it once months ago now but never did get around to renewing my IPS license. In that time frame XenForo launched XF 2.0 & IPS still hasn't stabilized its 4.x branch & in fact IPS is releasing a third new series to that already. So definitely not a simple way to run a clan site which needs to be stable.

XenForo has always released stable software so i swapped back over to XenForo now that 2.0 has been released & so far i must say it is some very nice software to work with both backend & front end.

The main issue i was having was addons, I needed to achieve a homepage without a ton of work & XenForo has XenPorta 2 which makes life easy.

In any case, It's back again :D
So back to the use of our website!